Honda Campaign Announces Strong Q3 Fundraising Numbers Directly to Supporters

This morning Honda for Congress Campaign Manager Doug Greven sent the following e-mail directly to supporters, announcing third quarter fundraising numbers:

Campaigns usually release their fundraising numbers to the press before anyone else. I want to make sure you and our other supporters hear it from us first:  we had a great quarter.
From July to September, our campaign received over 1,100 individual contributions and raised more than $385,000. Thanks to your help, I am confident that our numbers will stack up with the top campaigns nationwide as they release their numbers this week. We are especially proud of our grassroots support: once again, more than half of our contributions were $100 or less. 
Our opponent’s campaign, which is dependent on money from people who can afford to write max-out checks, only raised half of what it did last quarter. After bills were paid this quarter, both campaigns will each be adding the same amount — around $200,000 — to their bank accounts. 
We know that Mike’s broad-based support will ensure that we have the resources to fund an aggressive campaign and get him re-elected next year. Mike is really proud you all have his back in this election, so he can focus on the work of moving our country forward. Thank you for all you do.
Doug Greven
Campaign Manager
Mike Honda for Congress