Honda for Congress Campaign Announces over $559,000 Raised for 2014 Campaign with Support from Over 1,100 Donors

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Honda for Congress Campaign Announces over $559,000 Raised for 2014 Campaign with Support from Over 1,100 Donors 

Silicon Valley, CA – Today, the Mike Honda for Congress campaign announced a total of over $559,000 raised for the 2014 campaign cycle, including over $345,143 raised between April 1st and June 30th. Showing the strength of Congressman Honda’s grassroots base, this quarter’s fundraising comes from over 1,100 donors, with more than half of the contributions under $100. These small dollar grassroots donors will be ready and able to contribute again through the election cycle, making for a consistent fundraising base.

The Honda for Congress campaign also recently announced the endorsements of over 100 current and former local elected officials for Congressman Honda. These included endorsements from the Mayors of Fremont and Sunnyvale along with dozens of local City Council, School Board members, and other leaders. In endorsing Congressman Honda, elected officials noted the Congressman’s focus on the economy and schools, and responsiveness to local issues and concerns.

“Congressman Honda rallied over 1,100 donors in the past quarter alone. He has strong grassroots fundraising and local support from donors who can give repeatedly,” said campaign spokesperson Dan Cohen. “Looking ahead, Congressman Honda will continue to take his message to the community on how he is working to create jobs, improve schools, and partner with the tech community. This is a leader who listens and responds to local issues and is a strong voice for the people of Silicon Valley.”

Today’s news caps a busy 90 days for the campaign, including the announcement of over 100 local elected officials endorsing the Congressman’s re-election, voter engagement efforts and fundraisers taking place across the district, and a rousing show of support for the Congressman from progressives attending Netroots Nation in San Jose, California. Vice President Biden also campaigned locally last month with Congressman Honda, who is endorsed by President Obama.

Over the course of his congressional campaigns, Congressman Honda has raised over $7.4 million*, while simultaneously vigorously campaigning with, and fundraising for, candidates across the country.

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Congressman Mike Honda was elected to Congress in 2000. As a representative of Silicon Valley, Congressman Honda is one of the Congressional leaders on high-tech issues, and has also focused on important issues such as education, transportation, the environment, and civil rights. He serves on the powerful House Committee on Appropriations. Congressman Honda served an unprecedented seven years as Chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus and now serves as Chairman Emeritus. For more information, visit

* Please note: Total fundraising 2002-2012 taken from Open Secrets.