New Polling in CA-17 shows Congressman Mike Honda with commanding lead over possible challengers

A solid base of support holds against possible Democratic and GOP candidates

Silicon Valley, CA – Today, the Honda for Congress campaign released a poll that shows Congressman Mike Honda has a commanding 52-point lead over potential challenger Ro Khanna in the field for the June 2014 open primary election.

Honda begins with 57% of the vote while Khanna has 5%.  Republican Evelyn Li picks up 13% of open primary voters with 23% undecided.  Honda’s lead remains strong, holding an absolute majority of votes, even after compare and contrast messaging is provided.

“Mike Honda is well-known and well-liked by the people he represents,” said pollster David Mermin, a partner at Lake Research Partners.  “His potential challengers are unknown and will face a long road to persuade voters to choose them over the Congressman.”

Mermin added, “Another noteworthy finding was that among voters who work in the tech industry, 56% support Honda, while only 6% support Khanna. Honda’s proven track record of supporting initiatives that benefit innovation, job growth, and an educated and diverse workforce have been noticed by the people he represents.”

This polling data follows on the heels of early endorsements from President Barack Obama, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, DCCC Chair Steve Israel, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz, and former DNC chair Howard Dean.

Details found in the poll include the following:

  • According to the poll, Congressman Honda has earned widespread support across racial lines.  He holds the support of 68% of East/Southeast Asians, 59% of South Asians, 63% of Latinos and 49% of white voters.  Khanna only receives 3% from East/Southeast Asians, 14% from South Asians, 4% of Latinos and 6% of white voters.
  • Among voters who work in the tech industry, 56% support Honda, while only 6% support Khanna.
  • After positive and negative messaging on all candidates, Honda holds his absolute majority of the vote (54%). Khanna’s support remains weak at 10% of the vote, and Li reaches 17%. The vast majority of Democratic and independent voters are voting for Honda both before and after messages.
  • Honda is viewed very favorably by voters in the district. Honda has an extremely strong 6-to-1 favorable to unfavorable ratio with 66% saying they have a favorable opinion of him, and 11% unfavorable. Khanna, on the other hand, is unknown to 86% of voters, and would require a massive expenditure just to establish name identification in the district, much less persuade voters to choose him over Honda.
  • President Obama is viewed very favorably by voters in the district, with 76% saying they have a favorable opinion of him.  This indicates that there is even room for Honda to expand his strong base of support, given that he is endorsed by and has a long track record of working with President Obama.

“I appreciate the support of the people I represent and I’ll keep working tirelessly on their behalf,” said Congressman Honda.  “I’ll continue to advocate for solutions that help create jobs, grow our manufacturing economy, and give our students access to the best possible education.”

Lake Research Partners conducted live telephone interviews across the district surveying likely 2014 open primary voters.  The margin of error is +/- 4.4%.