Rep. Mike Honda Receives 92% of Votes from CA-17 Democrats for State Party Endorsement of Re-Election Campaign

Silicon Valley, CA – Rep. Mike Honda’s campaign announced today that Democrats in California’s 17th Congressional District voted overwhelmingly for Honda to receive the California Democratic Party’s endorsement of his re-election campaign.

The vote took place at the California Democratic Party’s Region 5 Pre-Endorsement caucus meeting on Saturday. The final tally, in which Rep. Honda received 122 of 133 votes cast (92%), underscores the incredibly strong grassroots support Honda has among Democrats in the 17th Congressional District.

“I’m humbled and honored to have such strong support from the Democrats in my district, and I look forward to continuing the work we have done together to improve life for everyone here,” said Rep. Honda.

Patricia Danielson of Newark, who participated in Saturday’s caucus, explained the large margin of support for Rep. Honda: “Mike has been an outstanding representative in Congress for all of us. His leadership in securing $900 million in federal funds for the BART expansion that is creating thousands of jobs is just one example of his ability to get things done for our district. His work to expand Social Security benefits, bringing home needed funds for homeless and at-risk veterans, and to create a more equitable education system show that he shares our values. We need Mike’s continued service in Congress.”

By receiving over 92% of the vote, Rep. Honda easily cleared the 70% threshold to be placed on the consent calendar at next month’s state convention of the California Democratic Party, where the final decision on the party’s endorsement will be made.